View of home from Chinese craft
Orientation of view is altered
The love of one's country is a natural thing.
But why should love stop at the border?
- Pablo Casals


Heartlings Earthlings

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Welcome Home In True Light
Welcome to Good Works On Earth's Home Page
We Share an Index of the Awakenings and Healings of the Earth Heart.
The art and science of the Lexigram is revealed herein, using the words of English,
  in Name Arts and Word Arts in Star Arts form from Good Works On Earth.

This is an Ascensions and Awakenings in the Light Age website.

Our Sequencers Membership secure site.
Home of the Lexigram Sequence Generator and Lexigrams Database.
This is a secure site provided for members at member's requests.
Join us, and watch this new site change mature over time with members usage
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Our Sequencers Membership application, created and further developed by Kathy Onu,
   was designed by and for professional Lexigram artists and English researchers,
    for other authors, for the investigators of any and all things, for all the Lovers of English,
and last but not least, for those who want a new way to solve the game of Jumble,
a name probably trademarked and copyrighted by the creators of the Jumble.

For more information : Sequencers Membership
Sequencers Membership is our secure database providing,
English research capabilities new to we Heartlings, aka Earthlings.

Blessed (Earth) Mother's Day
Is Every Day
This Cosmic Star Art begins with three OM's that ran together to form a mom.

Our Great Spirit Earth Mother
Great Spirit Earth Mother Goddess
The Star Art of MOTHER Poster

The Power of Song, Earthlings ..
Treat yoursElf, gather the children around you ..
You are in for a sonic and spatial treat ..
Really listen to the words .. and imagine ..
Feel the power of stillness and song ..
While you take a very fast ride in space

The Power of Slow, America ..
Ponder it well.

Once you touch the true power of it all, you will well know what has true value.
On that note, we invite you to listen to a great viewpoint on the Power of Slow ..
Carl Honore praises slowness here :

* * *

On 20160511 On our own new page created this day and entitled, free-movies-movietv-to-infectious-malware-spyware.html we announce:
" is a scam full of malware, spyware and other infectious bugs. Avoid like the plague." Quote is from a programmers' chat room, those folks in the know on such things.
On 20160225
No matter where you live in the world, you can begin to access the world's business and financial capabilities through Stripe Atlas. Do you live in let us say, Nepal, own your business and want to do business with the world but cannot, due to what we call 'ministerial controls' refusing you service or charging outrageous fees for that service. Once again, is leading the way to economic and financial freedom upon the earth.
A Stellar Story
Humans Exchanging Services and Wares : We invite you to ponder this phrase .. NONMINISTERIAL EXCHANGES. Imagine a tool so simple anyone on earth with access to a cell phone or computer can send and receive money anywhere on the earth plane and oh so much more, including such things as renting or selling your house or other very valuable item(s) with complete understanding of how it is done, because .. it is all done with Open Source code, the world can see the code, nothing is hidden. The Adventures in Galactic Consensus link mentioned below is what is coming, and we hope to help bring this service to all who find it here and our other sites we support in this endeavor to give all earthlings the right to have free exchanges of their money, their services, their creations, their schedule, their trust, and so we share this announcement, and for us, the fact that we can begin to announce this is the result of thirty years of research into what will be replacing the 'controlled by the few' capitAILism. It is the Quorum Slice, defined in the Adventures in Galactic Consensus link.

On 20160125
We invite to view the world of human exchanges in a new way, and we do so with this oh so simple to understand cartoon strip entitled, Adventures in Galactic Consensus. You will be entertained with simplicity describing a very complex idea in a way that youngsters have shown they can understand, and agree upon and that is consensus. The world useable money has already arrived with the establishment of the non-profit foundation at Good Works On Earth's developers are now coding this new reality into our site. Anyone with a cell phone with the browsing capabilities can send you money in utter confidence, and you to them, and whoever you choose to trust. Good Works On Earth intends to make these services available on our site and earn that trust. As you read the short story, Adventures in Galactic Consensus, I suggest you look for the terms, QUORUM SLICE, and the STELLAR CONSENSUS PROTOCOL, for you will be seeing these terms will come to earn real coin of the realm exchange, and here, the realm is everyone, everywhere, no banks required, no minister of any border interiors can lay claim upon saying no, we will not service the poor, the downtrodden. It may take years for Americans and Canadians and such to hear these terms in their media. You have heard them now, and .. no matter the date you read this .. you are still not late. (We will announce here when our site is ready for Stellar testing by the public, we are still a long way from that point). Now .. I have said this before .. You can play a game and either share the two phrases and the Adventures in Galactic Consensus link with others and see what they have to say in response, or .. wait to see how long it takes to arrive in your ears or sight from another near you. No telling how long that will be. If you know any programmers creating sophisticated websites with databases .. tell them about this, and about stripeatlas. The programmer must be one who knows what are called the back end langauages. We will be using Node.js, with Postgresql on Heroku. Programmers will understand that last line. Those of you with access to credit cards for use on the net may not fully understand, programmers and their mothers and friends cannot gain credit cards from their bank in many many countries. We know and work with and support three who all tell the same story of denial upon entire countries, in essence, in Nepal, India, and Bangladesh. We are working with a brilliant programmer in India to bring you something new to earth, and the more we study it the more brilliant becomes its simple genius. Programmers are invited to drop me a line, especially if you want to help. Kathy Onu, Site Admin.

* * *

Two years ago, we invited you to a glimpse of something magical happening in Cateura, Paraguay. We again issue the invitation to you to view a whole lot of miracles in the making at the Landfill Harmonic

On 20150325
We invited you to a peek at how miracles came real for one community on earth at the Landfill Harmonic movie trailer. Remember that name, the Landfill Harmonic, we believe you will be hearing it and seeing it. You can play a game and either share the name and link with others, or .. wait to see how long it takes to arrive in your ears, or sight.

On 20150324
We invited you to read the article in Mother Jones, entitled : The Shockingly Effective, Surprisingly Cheap Way to Fix HOMELESSNESS. This stunningly well proven article and knowledge should be read by every leader of every community in any form or name, from tiny town to state legistlatures, and if you are readings this .. you can be part of the solution. Pass the word, and the link, please and thank you.

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Title : Good Works On Earth's Home Page
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