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Arts of the Lexigrams

The Arts of the Lexigrams are shown in the beauty of their English codes designed to reveal to us in our due times the true nature of creation, and our part in this ongoing creation.

To be able to employ the Arts of the Lexigram in your life and living, I want you to first know the Axioms of the Lexigrams. This way, you can stand on bedrock truth, without doubts of any kind that cannot be solved.

The Story of the First Axiom of the Lexigram

In the long ago mists of the researching of the words using the rules of the Lexigram as I could discern them to be, I began to see the power and truth of what what once hidden to me now being clearly visible to me. It was like me as a blind man being given a new vision, and the first Axiom that literally presented itself to this new vision of mine is the word, LETTERS. In my mind’s eye, I could see the letters move and reset themselves into a new form and I saw it and thought .. it is true what I saw, LETTERS LET SEER SEE, each word an anagram from the letters of LETTERS. LETTERS RESET, LETTERS SETTLE. This is how we communicate.

LETTERS LET SEER SEE, which is an axiomatic truth, easily seen by any human being to be true. ( In computer parlance, the LETTERS word has unzipped itself to reveal itself. )

Letters do form words which do form sentences which do form ideas and when printed or stored in any media, the book or movie or recording crosses time and space and the letters allow all seers to see anew what is being shared. Letters are quite powerful in that they create words, and it is true that in the beginning is the Word. Not just was. The power of the sounds of your lips is not in the past, that power is yours in the nowments with every word you speak to another or others. Your words create your life.

SO DO WORDS SOW. Which is what you are doing, you are creating your life, you are sowing your life as you speak and act. WORDS DO SOW SOD .. any farmer will tell you how to SOW seeds in his dirt, also known as SOD.
SO DO WORDS SOW RODS. Any kind of ROD you can think of has been created with words and perhaps drawings in the beginning. In the beginning, is the Word.

SENTENCES SENT SENSE. SEE SENTENCES SENT. SENTENCES SET SCENE, SET TENSE, SENT SENSE. This is what SENTENCES do .. they send ideas across space and time, and with note on past, present or future, the SENTENCES SET the grammatical TENSE of the idea. You as a reader, or hearer of the SENTENCE SENT, must LISTEN IN SILENT so as to hear and grasp the meanings of the wordings you are hearing.

Above you have now seen four Axioms of the Lexigram. Below I now share a bit of the Arts of the Lexigram :

I share a bit of the BLESSINGS Star Arts here below, from the ending of this page first published in 1999 : Star Arts and Lexigrams

I say to You, you can be the I in BLESSINGS any time you wish. For now, please allow me to shower you with BLESSINGS as you read each line of the Star Arts of BLESSINGS, oh so sacredly slowly, with your fullest understandings of this key that goddESS Love placed into Her Word with the letters of BLESSINGS.


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