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the Story of the Lexigram

The Lexigram word itself comes from two parts ..

Lexi, which means, word. Lexi is responsible for the lexicon term, meaning dictionary of words.
gram, a suffix which means drawn out in full or written out in full. So the Lexigram is the word drawn out or written out in full, giving the fullest of its meanings in art or word form.

At *Good Works On Earth, we define the Lexigram as : the art and science of revealing the further meanings of English words, names and phrases, done so by using only those letters spelling the word or name or phrase, we then find the anagrams of these letters; we then arrange these words into sentences revealing meanings pertinent to the wordings, namings or phrases we are rendering.

We create these revealings into an art form we call the Star Arts. You will notice the same letters spelling Star also spell Arts. They are what we call a Perfect Anagram of each other. You can know we will be addressing the uses and values of the Perfect Anagram in another writing.

The Lexigram word was coined by the late Linda Goodman, nee Mary Alice Kemery, and first revealed in Chapter 8 of her book entitled, Linda Goodman’s Star Signs. She explained how she intuited the ability of English to reveal more of itself with the word’s or name’s anagrams, giving many examples. First published in 1987, when I read her material that very year, I was shocked by what she was purporting to be true, and so ..

I almost immediately set out to prove her wrong. There was simply no way that English, as a language, could be doing what she appeared to be showing English doing. It was inconceivable to me that English could be so magically imbued with such sacred truths. She hit it lucky in a few English words and names. If this was proven to be true, well then, how does one explain the concept of Creation being coded into English itself ?

How does one explain the action of Creation being coded into English ?

Truth be told here, the words themselves achieved that very concept explaining the action of Creation being encoded into the letters of English words, and so the words themselves. The words themselves proved this to be true, under my watchful eye and to the awe of my trembling soul and beating heart, and those near me, too.

Every time I would share something from my researches with others, I would hear them say, “You have to put these into a book, Will, so others can know.”

And therein lies the existence of this entire show we call Good Works On Earth. Folks wanted to know more of what had been found, and then upon seeing it, one for one they wanted others to know. It didn’t take too many folks saying this before I realized that I should start keeping the proofs I was finding, instead of giving them to folks who were so moved by these small word arts I was creating at the time. I started to make copies and gifting the printed copies, so I could see how it affected folks, and what others thought about these unexpected clues and hints and truths showing in the English nameings, wordings and phrases researched.

Those beginning researches filled the years of 1987 to 1997, with me doing the computations by hand, with me doing my searches through the lexicons of words as Copernicus had done through the stars at night, by hand and by persistent recordings of the findings, by creating his own methods and devices to measure the starry heavens. And like Copernicus, I kept these researches essentially quiet unto myself until the researches were done to the point that no one could disprove them. The brightest folks have glowed brighter upon seeing the Star Arts. So will you.

Remember, I set out in 1987 to disprove the Lexigram, to prove the English language is not encoded in ways man has never noticed before. All who had eyes and ears through the centuries could neither see nor hear the code. The intuitions of a woman gave us the tiniest first peek into the power of English to awaken, to heal, and to help we humans live a grand solar life here on earth.

So I found myself in the position of being someone who had set out to prove the Lexigram was not possibly true, and that English was not encoded in this way, and I find myself to be a one who has proven it to be true. English is encoded in ways that will thrill your soul, even though this material is far beyond the imaginations of nearly every breathing human on earth. The moment you begin to see it, and I mean really see it, you senses will tell you the truth, or not. Your very cells will tell you true.

And so now I can say to you without doubt on my part that those with eyes can now see, and those with ears can now hear the secrets of English revealed herein, at Good Works On Earth.

* What is Good Works On Earth ?

In January, 1997, Good Works On Earth was established as a non-profit organization to hold in trust all the copyrights to the hundreds and then thousands of Star Arts that have been revealed through the continuing research all these years. We have freely shared many of these Star Arts at Good Works On Earth.

In early 2000, we began to share the Star Arts in the pdf format as the Star Arts Gift, always freely given. This document is over 120 pages of Star Arts, also known as Lexigrams, fully rendered so you can see and know the power of English to awaken and heal we humans. Our language is encoded for our awakening and evolving beyond our current imaginations.

This ability of the English language to further reveal meanings in nameings, wordings and phrases is being shared with you so that you can more fully know the power of your own words in the nowments. I now know from long experience, that the power of our nameings and our wordings and our speakings and our writings are greater than we have previously dared imagine, or even suspect. Like a bolt out of the blue*, Lexigrams are as a regal seal regarding this sign in English lines.

Next time, I will reveal the story of how the letters of the first ‘Axioms of the Lexigram’ were discovered. These Axioms I share will establish the science part of the Art and Science of the Lexigram.

Thank You for Being Here and Caring

Will I Am
Founder of Good Works On Earth
a 501(c)3 non-profit charitable and educational organization
Home Page : http://www.goodworksonearth.org/
Lexigrams Blog : http://www.goodworksonearth.org/lexigrams

* like a bolt from the blue, like a bolt out of the blue : these phrases come from lightning which does indeed come out of clear blue skies when those skies are being affected by a lightning and thunderstorm in the distance. the meaning of these phrases carries the idea of no lightning should ever come from clear blue skies .. it comes completely unexpected. any serious student of the Lexigram and any reader of the Star Arts will see this in real life when they share a Star Art line or two with a friend. this ability of English to further reveal itself is completely unexpected, just as the one who set out to disprove the Lexigram, has instead further developed it after proving it true. or should I say, after the letters themselves proved the Lexigram to be a true art and science of the letters, words, sentences, names, phrases, and with new knowings regarding the consonants and vowels, etceteras and et al.’s.

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