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Greetings I Sing In Sign ..

Thank You to every one of you for placing yourself upon our emailing list at and/or our blog at .

This is a rare message that will be going out to both lists.

This is an invitation to become a member and user of the Sequencers Database we developed and are using to research English sequences in a new way. Nine years in the learnings and writings of the programming codes to achieve accurate mastery of English entries, by sequencing their letters in several ways to show relationships of meanings in a word or phrase, with never an error in the sequencings, nor their relationships to other words or names or phrases. Doing this work by hand and pencil for years was difficult to accomplish and ensure absolute accuracy. I began to feel like Copernicus mapping the relationships of star positions by hand.
This is a research database, best used on a desktop size screen.

If you have any questions on how to use the sequence data showing when you begin to make an entry, please do not hesitate to ask me. My email as the programmer/webmaster is

Blessings Be Ye,

Will I Am
Good Works On Earth
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