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Heartlings Earthlings

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Welcome Home In True Light
Welcome to Good Works On Earth's Home Page
We Share an Index of the Awakenings and Healings of the Earth Heart.
The art and science of the Lexigram is revealed herein, using the words of English,
  in Name Arts and Word Arts in Star Arts form from Good Works On Earth.

This is an Ascensions and Awakenings in the Light Age website.

Our Sequencers Membership secure site.
Home of the Lexigram Sequence Generator and Lexigrams Database.
This is a secure site provided for members at member's requests.
Join us, and watch this new site change mature over time with members usage
and feedback being incorporated into the site on a real time basis.
Our Sequencers Membership application, created and further developed by Kathy Onu,
   was designed by and for professional Lexigram artists and English researchers,
    for other authors, for the investigators of any and all things, for all the Lovers of English,
and last but not least, for those who want a new way to solve the game of Jumble,
a name probably trademarked and copyrighted by the creators of the Jumble.

For more information : Sequencers Membership
Sequencers Membership is our secure database providing,
English research capabilities new to we Heartlings, aka Earthlings.

Blessed (Earth) Mother's Day
Is Every Day
This Cosmic Star Art begins with three OM's that ran together to form a mom.

Our Great Spirit Earth Mother
Great Spirit Earth Mother Goddess
The Star Art of MOTHER Poster

The Power of Song, Earthlings ..
Treat yoursElf, gather the children around you ..
You are in for a sonic and spatial treat ..
Really listen to the words .. and imagine ..
Feel the power of stillness and song ..
While you take a very fast ride in space

The Power of Slow, America ..
Ponder it well.

Once you touch the true power of it all, you will well know what has true value.
On that note, we invite you to listen to a great viewpoint on the Power of Slow ..
Carl Honore praises slowness here :

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We have too many indexes at this time and will be adding no more.

The Axioms of the Letters are the Mother of the Arts and Science of the Lexigram

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Good Works On Earth
Researches and shares the art and science of the Lexigram's axioms and
sElf-evident proofs in the Star Arts themsElves, that the power of the word
is far greater than we have been led to believe, or allowed to imagine.

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Title : Good Works On Earth's Home Page
Sharing the awakenings and healings revealed in the words using the art and science
of the Lexigram as first revealed by Linda Goodman and further researched by
the staff of Good Works On Earth.

Blessings Be and Thank You

~ Kathy Onu ~
The Letters Settler
aka Kathy Uno
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Good Works On Earth
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